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The Home Cleaners You Can Depend On

A Reputable Cleaning Company 

Established in 1998

LAURA’S CLEANING SERVICE is a family-owned and operated business in Huntsville, Texas. We specialize in providing deep cleaning services to residential and rental homes.

At LAURA’S CLEANING SERVICE, your satisfaction is our number one priority. That’s why we always do our best to meet your needs and expectations. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from referrals and repeat customers.

Let us handle all the cleanup tasks for you! Rest assured that what goes on in your home stays in your home. We look forward to working with you and delivering the best service in the industry.

Feedback From Our Clients

“My house had a household of goods, food, trash, etc. 26 years worth of dust and dirt. I let my house go and let it run down due to how I am a very busy person, never at home, and always on the run. I had no one to help me stay on top of my house. My sick husband was also in the hospital. I was very stressed, worn out, and reduced to tears. I made the decision to find someone who would help clean my home. I wanted everything that was piled to be packed up and hauled away. I wanted everything out of my house.

I wanted my life to be renewed again. I found Laura’s Cleaning Service online. She brought in her crew who packed up and hauled everything out of my house then cleaned and sanitized it. I cannot even begin to say how appreciative I am. I can’t even begin to explain how nice and wonderful it is to have my house and life back. It’s like having a whole new life and start. They did an awesome job.

It was a huge task to take on. Thanks Laura and your crew for not turning your back on me, for staying on the job, and coming back the next day to finish, for not for not judging me. Thank you for working during the weekend, your advice and concern, and for cleaning my refrigerator, oven, stove, and microwave.

Thank you for allowing me to cry on your shoulder while keeping a good sense of humor. Most of all, thank You for keeping your word to clean my house even after you saw it. I also would like to thank your brother and son for all the work they did.”

A Satisfied Client

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